📍 Localisation : Manila – Philippines

🗺️ Address : 212 Haug St. Brgy. Daang Bakal, Mandaluyong City

📆 Date of launch : October 2019

🙋‍♀️ Overall capacity : 100 people

🏘️ Space : 6 floors, one café with local products, one event area, one meeting room,  one production studio,  al fresco lounge area,  parking space, roofdeck, office spaces, co-working space

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In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is actively involved in sustainable development amid environmental challenges. As one of the world’s most climate-vulnerable nations, it grapples with rising sea levels and frequent tropical storms, impacting agriculture, infrastructure, and societal resilience. Such disasters are only predicted to intensify as the climate changes. The country responds with initiatives in conservation, renewable energy, and community empowerment to combat climate change. With a growing community of social entrepreneurs, environmentalists, NGOs, government agencies, and private sector leaders, the Philippines is a hub for collaboration. Establishing a 3ZERO House in this dynamic setting fosters a synergistic environment for impactful solutions


Facilitating and accelerating local partnerships and innovations in the Philippines

Launched as the first 3ZERO House in 2019, 3ZERO House Manila was founded together by Acted and local partner Gawad Kalinga. The House is a 6-storey physical collaborative hub that facilitates and accelerates local partnerships, innovations, and solutions dedicated to achieving a 3ZERO World.

It is designed for social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, public servants, and citizens who are taking action towards a 3ZERO World. With the 3ZERO House, individuals and organisations can meet regularly in this hub and work together with other changemakers on resolving environmental and social problems in your local community and the country.

The House features office spaces, venues for events and training, meeting rooms, and a recording studio. Soon, the cafe will be open to serve the surrounding community, and a co-working space will be launched to provide a dynamic environment designed to foster innovation and productivity towards social impact.

3ZERO House in the Philippines was established as a unique collaboration between INGO Acted and local NGO Gawad Kalinga to be an ecosystem enabler for individuals and organisations who are working towards the 3ZERO objective. Since its launch, the 3ZERO House has provided a space to unleash the capabilities of civil society organisations and individual professionals and youth, given small financial grants to innovators, and hosted conversations to bring together the community towards action on relevant issues through annual 3ZERO forums and breakfast forums.


Key figures


breakfast forums


sustainability practitioners


startups awarded micro-grants


 events held at the Bayanihan Café space