📍 Localisation: Yangon – Myanmar

🗺️  Address: No. 167, 47th Street (Upper Block), in Botahtaung Township.

📆 Date of launch : November 2023

🙋‍♀️ Overall capacity : 80 people 

🏘️ Space: two-floor setup with a ground floor for co-working, a mezzanine area, a meeting room, a garden with a recycle station and compost box

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In Myanmar, the dual crises of 2021 and 2022, marked by the military coup and the COVID-19 pandemic, forced numerous startups and social enterprises to suspend their operations. They faced a myriad of challenges, from issues related to telecom infrastructure to operational hurdles. This adversity prompted a significant number of investors, incubators, and accelerators to cease their activities in Myanmar, redirecting their attention to other markets in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region.

The confluence of a deteriorating entrepreneurial ecosystem, compounded by factors like inflation, public resistance, a lack of research support, and infrastructure decay, resulted in increasing pollution and declining living conditions in the country. The collapse of the ecosystem was further exacerbated by the military coup and a scarcity of funding and resources. As a consequence, this chain reaction resulted in the discontinuation of research programmes, events, and networking opportunities, thereby exacerbating the overall decline of the entrepreneurial and CSO ecosystem in Myanmar.


A vibrant hub in the city of Yangon

Launched in November 2023, the 3ZERO House Myanmar is a community-driven space designed to tackle challenges of youth unemployment, increasing poverty and the need to support local CSOs and entrepreneurs in the country. The 3ZERO House Myanmar is operated by local partners and is situated in the heart of Yangon in a century-old building. 

The House is a vibrant hub in the city of Yangon, designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, youths, professionals and citizens. The House provide high-speed Wifi, fully equipped meeting rooms, and a thriving ecosystem of events and networking opportunities. 

The House will host specialised training programmes on vital topics like waste management, climate-smart agriculture, and social innovation. Partnering with esteemed organizations such as Doh Eain, Impact Hub Yangon, Bokashi Myanmar, and Dekina, it aims to equip participants with essential skills to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability in their communities.

Helping the youth and civil society organisations in meeting their challenges

To rebuild and support the entrepreneurial ecosystem, it is crucial to provide capacity-building programmes, mentorship and networking opportunities. Following a thorough benchmark and gap analysis of the existing ecosystem, the 3ZERO House in Yangon will emphasize on following activities:

  1. Strengthening local CSOs and entrepreneurs (capacity building and financial support)
  2. Human Development and Life-skills training for youth people (Empowering Myanmar’s youth in the 3ZERO House, helping them find a job after their internships)
  3. Social Innovation (creating bridges between social business and CSOs on 3ZERO Initiatives)

Key figures


House partners


participants expected yearly at 3ZERO Forums


participants expected yearly at trainings


accelerator programme organised with Impact Hub

Zoom on: the 3ZERO House Accelerator Programme: Empowering Social Enterprises for a Sustainable Future

The 3ZERO House Accelerator Programme is a 6-month programme incubating social enterprises in Myanmar. Through training, mentorship, and coaching, entrepreneurs develop impactful solutions aligned with Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty, and Zero Exclusion objectives. Entrepreneurs receive expert guidance, workshops, and networking opportunities. The programme culminates in a competition where finalists pitch their projects for a chance to win grants and accelerate their growth. This programme plays a critical role in building a more sustainable and equitable future for Myanmar.